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A350 Cargomaster Powered Stairclimber

Heavy duty powered stairclimber sack truck

Cargomaster A350 powered stairclimber has been conceived and developed particularly for the transport of heavy loads such as boilers, heaters, stoves or parts of machinery. The device masters up to 350 kg effortlessly due to its powerful 24 Volt electric drive.

The A350 is extremely flexible and versatile.

A reinforced frame with a height adjustable shovel feature enables the handling of extreme conditions. In spite of its high carrying ability the A350 is extremely flexible and versatile. It features a continuously adjustable speed control and can be equipped with standard solid rubber tires (recommended up to a loads of 350 kg) or heavy-duty tires. An additional battery pack (available as an accessory) makes a continuous application possible. Handles and shovel are adjustable to handle a particular load's centre of gravity in the best way possible.

Optimum Health & Safety, operating costs, & reduced absenteeism in a single device...

Cargomaster A350 electric powered heavy duty industrial stairclimber is suitable for the following tasks:
Machine Parts
Building Materials
General Heavy Loads
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CargoMaster Stairclimber by AATGB

Transportation of a gaming machine

Transportation of a boiler

Transportation of a washing machine

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