C-141 Beermaster Powered Stairclimber - Stairway support that delivers...

Beermaster C-141 powered robot electric stairclimber provides complete lifting & stairway support to the delivery professional whilst also protecting him/her from repetitive strain injury or musculoskeletal strain...

What our customer's say...

Beermaster - Keg Delivery

Beermaster - Crates

The Beermaster powered sack truck can be operated effortlessly. Crates, kegs, barrels are all transported safely and easily up and down stairs.


The Beermaster has been specifically designed for the beverage delivery industry and showcases the adaptability of AAT's C-141 powered sack truck.


Optimum Health & Safety, operating costs, & reduced absenteeism in a single device...

Beermaster powered stair climber, a unique and cost effective stairclimbing delivery system...


  • A unique, cost effective stairclimbing delivery system developed with industry leaders.
  • Fast and compact yet powerful and robust, handling up to 170kg in a single load.
  • Single operator can safely, and with little effort, deliver up to 170kg in a single operation up or down stairs.
  • Narrow and spiral stairs can be easily accommodated.
  • Designed to significantly reduce the incidence of repetitive strain injury and absenteeism.
  • Fully automatic independent brakes are standard, and all devices can be fitted with pneumatic tyres if required.

This industry specific package includes…


  • A full range of ‘quick change’ toe plates to suit kegs, pallets, cartons, packages etc.
  • Variable handle settings to ensure maximum operator comfort.
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Technical data - C141 Beermaster

Lifting Capacity:

140 / 170kg

Climbing Speed:

8–30 (steps/min)

Capacity with one Battery Charge:

15–30 (floors, depending on load)




2 x 12 / 5 V/Ah

Weight without Batteries:


Weight of Batteries:


Smallest Size (H x W x D):

106 x 45 x 30cm

Handlebars (extendible to mm):


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