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Powered Cargomaster Stairclimber C141 & C171 Vario

Electric Stairclimber

Cargomaster powered stair climbers, C141 Vario and C171 Vario, are impressive lightweight, compact, universal stairway delivery systems transporting loads of up to 140kg or 170kg effortlessly and safely up or down virtually all types of stairs featuring a single-step mode and variable handle positions for complex loads.

CargoMaster C141 Vario & C171 Vario powered stairclimbers by AATGB

Cargomaster stairclimbing sack truck variations C141 and C171 effortlessly and safely transport loads up to 170kg up or down stairs inside and out of building aiding delivery of heavy goods.

The ingenious climbing mechanism and the standard, state of the art safety brakes make the operation of this device particularly safe and easy. As with all other CargoMaster models puncture-free tires are standard.

Optimum Health & Safety, operating costs, & reduced absenteeism in a single device.
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CargoMaster by AATGB

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