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Cargomaster C400 Stairclimber - Heavy duty powered electric sack truck...

Cargomaster C400 Stairclimber, for the stairway transportation of extremely heavy loads. This type of work usually required several people, health and safety is paramount in these circumstances as well as optimum operating costs.

CargoMaster C400 powered stair climber enables one person alone to transport loads of up to 400 kg, making the device your ideal partner. Whether the loads have to be transported up and down stairs or on level ground.


Loading and unloading of vehicles or shelves by a single operator is enabled with the CargoMaster C400 using its integrated lift.


The centre of gravity can be optimally adjusted by raising or lowering the electrically adjustable toe plate.


The C400’s climbing mechanism provides safe transportation on virtually any type of stairs inside as well as outside. The safety brakes automatically operate at each step’s edge. The CargoMaster’s tyres are puncture-proof, even under constant stress. One battery charge is sufficient for 120 – 225 steps, depending on the load.



Optimum Health & Safety, operating costs, & reduced absenteeism in a single device...


CargoMaster Sack Truck C400 by AATGB

Technical data - CargoMaster C400

Maximum Loading Capacity:


Climbing Speed:

3 - 8 steps/min (cont-adjustable)


2 x 12V / 5.0 Ah

Capacity of Batteries:

120 - 225 steps (depend on the load)

Max. Lifting Toe Plate:


Max. Lowering Toe Plate:


Weight of the Device:


Weight of the Battery Pack:


Total Weight:


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