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Cargomaster CC200 Powered Stairclimber

Not just powerful, but also quick

The CC series is the newest development of stairclimbers from AAT with numerous technical advances such as the ComfortStep and the multi-level battery display. The CC series sets new standards of handling and ease of use.

Safe and with little physical effort — The CargoMaster is not only powerful, but also fast and efficient

The patented and standard ComfortStep enables sensitive loads to be transported. The ComfortStep functions by quietly and softly touching down on the step making it an indispensable aid for the transportation of even highly sensitive loads. The integrated battery display shows actual charging capacity and offers the user maximum awareness.The tried-and-tested AAT safety brakes stop automatically at the edge of every step.

Because of its compact design yet sturdy design, the CC series lends itself particularly well to be used in manufacturing, trade, and business. Bulky goods such as grinding machines, linoleum spools, or wood-burning stoves can easily be single operator transported up to 200 kg. Even on narrow stairs you can rely on the CargoMaster. Its safe climbing mechanism conquers even spiral staircases, plus it can be used on virtually any surface. The edges of steps are not damaged. The CargoMaster is very versatile and one battery charge lasts up to 30 flights of stairs.

The CargoMaster’s climbing speed can be continuously adjusted. The safety brakes stop automatically at each step’s edge. With its low unladen weight, the CargoMaster can be taken virtually anywhere. You can easily transport the CC200 in a car . The CargoMaster CC200 can operate on the flat as a traditional sack truck, as well as on stairs. The tires are puncture-proof, the driving comfort is comparable to that of pneumatic tires. Optional pneumatic tires are available.

Optimum Health & Safety, operating costs, & reduced absenteeism in a single device...
Safe transportation of loads up to 200kg
ComfortStep for easy and gentle climbing
Integrated, multi-levelled battery display
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Cargomaster CC200 Cargo Stairclimber

CargoMaster CC200 Stairclimber

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