Fridgemaster Stairclimber- For the white goods delivery professional...

Fridgemaster powered stair climber provides complete lifting and stairway support for the white goods delivery professional. Also protects  him/her from repetitive strain injury, musculoskeletal strain.

Key information


  • A unique, cost effective stairclimbing delivery system developed with industry leaders.
  • Fast and compact yet powerful and robust, handling up to 170kg in a single load.
  • One operator, single operation including up or down stairs.
  • Designed to significantly reduce the incidence of repetitive strain injury and absenteeism.
  • Fully automatic independent brakes are standard and all devices can be fitted with pneumatic tyres if required.



Key information


  • A full range of ‘quick change’ toe plates to suit white goods, pallets, cartons, packages etc.
  • Variable handle settings to ensure maximum operator comfort.



Optimum Health & Safety, operating costs, & reduced absenteeism in a single device...


What our customer's say...

Technical data - C141 Fridgemaster

Lifting Capacity:

140 / 170kg

Climbing Speed:

8–30 (steps/min)

Capacity with one Battery Charge:

15–30 (floors, depending on load)




2 x 12 / 5 V/Ah

Weight without Batteries:


Weight of Batteries:


Smallest Size (H x W x D):

106 x 45 x 30cm

Handlebars (extendible to mm):


FridgeMaster by AATGB

Fridgemaster Steps
Fridgemaster Stairs


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