The Stairclimber People

Multifunctional Vario Powered Stairclimber

Stairclimber built to handle both people and cargo

Stairway management for organisations including hotels and boarding houses without elevators. The Vario-Max is a stair climber for persons or loads, on stairs as well as on even ground.

The AAT C-Max Vario provides:

Optimum Health & Safety, operating costs, & reduced absenteeism in a single device
Transportation of persons up to 160kg up or down stairs.
Transportation of goods up to 170kg up or down stairs.
Can also be used as a stairclimbing wheelchair.
No damage of the load nor the edges of steps.
Narrow and spiral stairways.
Stairclimber can be used on virtually all types of stair coverings.
Automatic braking function on every step.
Single step mode.
Failsafe tyres.
Includes full belt safety harness.
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