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Powered Stairclimbers designed to support your business

What's the big deal about powered stair climbers? Providing safe and efficient systems, protecting both the health and safety of staff while also protecting the cargo in the process of stairway delivery.

Cargo stairclimbers often provide the opportunity to maximise staffing efficiency by providing safe and proven mechanical assistance.

Talk to AATGB about the fast, efficient and safe way to make deliveries. Let us come and show you how our kit can fit right into your business, we'll work with you on the job, enabling you to get the very best out of AAT stairclimbers.

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Safe and Powerful

Powered stairclimbers your business can depend on...

Powered Stairclimber Range

Powered Stair climbers for business

Powered stairclimbers by AATGB, The Stairclimber People.

We can't wait to show you our kit in action!


Yes. We have staff in your area. Nationwide UK Mainland only.


Our staff will take you through application and training requirements. 
Try before you buy!
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