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CargoMaster C120

Fast, safe & easy transport of loads via stairs

In combination with the proven safety features such as the "step edge braking system per wheel", the C120 becomes the ideal and indispensable partner especially for wholesalers, delivery services or authorities. The CargoMaster C120 is available in 3 different versions and can therefore be used flexibly for almost all goods that need to be transported quickly and safely.




Expertise for your health
Transporting heavy loads up stairs is one of the most difficult transport situations. Two or three people often need to get properly stuck in. You can also benefit from our more than 30 years of expertise in stair climbing. The CargoMaster stair climbing unit protects your back and minimises the risk of accidents.

Safety & quality in focus
AAT is the only manufacturer that offers “max. safety” as standard! All models are fitted with our patented step braking system. But there's a small crucial difference – trust the original “Engineered in Germany”.

  • Expertise for your health
  • Safety & quality in focus
  • Profitable & cost-effective
  • Simple & straightforward
  • Efficient & professional
  • The all-rounder for professionals


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